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Friday Fun with Gilt Games

The Gilt Public API is a great tool for developing new ways for people to shop quickly, efficiently, or on new platforms. But developers using the API are also finding unexpected things to do with Gilt data— they’re using it to make games.

So in the spirit of Friday, why not spend a few minutes playing with a couple of games that have been built on top of the Public API?

Gilt Memory was built by Karl Norling, a developer here at Gilt. See how quickly you can find the matching pairs of products, then challenge your friends to beat your score!

The Price is Right on Gilt was built overnight at the NYC Powered by MongoDB Hackathon last weekend. This live multiplayer game lets you and up to 3 other friends play a price-guessing game to see who knows Gilt’s products the best. Developer Yufei Liu built the project using Node.js and MongoDB.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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