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The Gilt Data Team Goes to Partners

Four of us on the Data Engineering team spent the week before Super Storm Sandy at the Teradata Partners conference. It’s essentially a massive, week-long, Teradata-sponsored meetup hosting >250 Data Warehouse/Analytics presentations.

Both Chris and Deep presented for the first time. (See pictures below!) 

Chris spoke about his pricing work using R linear mixed effect regression and random forest parallelized across our data warehouse cluster.

Deep spoke about parallelizing webservice calls from our Data Warehouse cluster (specifically against Google) and potential for sort of distributed Data Warehouse or external ETL.

To our delight Gilt was also prominently featured in a skit on the main screen during the conference’s kickoff. 

What remains of Foreigner played a concert. (Deep had no idea who they were) Malcolm Gladwell and John Cleese also spoke.

Overall the conference was a great for the team to generate new ideas, appreciate how technically advanced we are, and get perspective on capital ‘E’ enterprise data volumes. 

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