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Gilt a Sponsor of This Week's Lambda Jam Conference


Gilt’s proud to be the lanyard sponsor of this year’s Lambda Jam conference for functional programmers, taking place now through July 10 in Chicago. Among this year’s featured presenters is Gilt software engineer Kevin Scaldeferri, who earlier today gave a talk on “Enabling Microservice Architectures with Scala.” Kevin’s presentation focused on the many interesting ways that we use Scala at Gilt–from using the cake pattern to bridge the divide between unit testing and functional testing, to creating an SBT uber-plugin to abstract and unify our development process.

In addition to talks, each day of Lambda Jam includes hours of hands-on workshops on Scala, CoffeeScript, Riak, and other technologies. Chicago in the summertime is a great place to be, so hopefully some of you are reading this from the Windy City!

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