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DataDivas, Documented


Here’s Gilt Database Administrator/Data Engineer Elon Azoulay presenting at last night’s DataDivas meetup at AlleyNYC. Nearly 40 data divas and data dudes from JP Morgan, the New York Public Library, MTV, AOL and other companies turned out to hear Elon discuss how and why he created an open data file that aggregates U.S. Census and American Community Survey data to the zip code level. Also making a strong showing: Gilt’s Data team, who contributed additional insights and wry commentary.

Thanks to Kaitlin Atkinson and Jacki Buros, DataDivas’ energetic and super-friendly organizers, for inviting Gilt to present–and to last night’s audience, for making the follow-up Q&A so lively and informative!

Photo credit: Gilt Data Engineering Director Geoff Guerdat

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