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The cloud computing provider Logicworks recently interviewed Gilt CIO Steve Jacobs about his management approach, the meaning of “cloud” at Gilt, how we manage all of our data, and many other interesting tech topics. An excerpt:

Engineers by trade think differently than non-engineers, and when we as engineers relegate ourselves to a bit more doing and not as much thinking about what we’re doing, we do ourselves and the company a disservice. For instance, engineers are obsessed with automating things. I had an engineer who called himself lazy, and it sounds like a derogatory term, but he was actually complimenting himself. He would never do anything manually because he would automate everything that he had to do. Technology companies, like Google or Facebook, or companies that are very engineering-led, are making different decisions than if it was line of business-led. One of the things I’m trying to do is to bring some of that to a company that doesn’t necessarily look from the outside like a technology company. A lot of the opportunities that exist for Gilt’s further growth are absolutely coming from technology.

Read the full interview here (and here!).

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