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Learn How Gilt Works at This Oct. 10 Talk

On Thu 10/10, Gilt Senior Business Systems Manager Susan Thomas will present “Bridging the Communication Gap Between Product Managers & Stakeholders,” an exploration of the communications strategies we use at Gilt to get things done. In her talk, Susan will cover these and other topics:

  • why tech leads are critical to a growing organization
  • how to effectively work with an engineering team to design service architecture around business needs
  • the importance of remaining transparent and honest with product and project stakeholders
  • how saying “no” can lead to efficient, successful development processes
  • managing expectations and preserving communication channels in a constantly shifting business landscape

Susan’s talk–the third and final installment in “Built to Scale,” a Gilt-centric series organized by the NY Tech Council– follows presentations by Gilt VP Personalization Erik Lumer and co-founder/CTO Michael Bryzek. You can RSVP here.

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