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Dublin Scala Users Group Meets Tonight!

If you’re in Dublin this evening, stop by Engine Yard for the Dublin Scala Users Group monthly meetup. The fun begins at 7 PM; RSVP here.

Tonight’s agenda:

“Self-types in Scala” by Gilt Principal Software Engineer Gregor Heine
In this talk, Gregor Heine will explain how to use self-types to assemble application components at compile time and examine the problems and risks involved in using self-types. He’ll also discuss Scala-style dependency injection and show how self-types are a typesafe alternative to Spring and other DI frameworks.

“DSL Design in Scala” by Workday Senior Software Engineer Iain Hull
Ian Hull will share his experiences creating a lightweight Scala DSL for system-testing REST web services.

Dublin 47 Scala 79 Gregor Heine 11 Iain Hull 1 Engine Yard 4 dependency injection 1 Scala DSL 1 self-types 2