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Scala Self-Types: Gregor Heine's Presentation at Dublin Scala Users Group (slides)


Here’s Gilt Principal Software Engineer giving his talk on Scala self-types during the Dublin Scala Users Group’s most recent meetup, which took place earlier this week at Engine Yard’s Dublin office. In his talk, Gregor explained how to use self-types to assemble application components at compile time and examine the problems and risks involved in using self-types. He also discussed Scala-style dependency injection and showed how self-types are a typesafe alternative to Spring and other DI frameworks. Check out his slides here:

Workday Senior Software Engineer Iain Hull also gave a talk about DSL design in Scala:

The Dublin Scala Users Group’s next gathering takes place on Tuesday, November 26 at Engine Yard: RSVP right here. If you’d like to present, just contact us by clicking the little envelope at left on the Meetup RSVP/event page.

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