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"The Story of the Gilt Load-Testing Platform": Gilt at Scala.IO

Last week Gilt Senior Software Engineer Andrew Duffy traveled to Paris to present at Scala.IO, a two-day conference for Scalasmiths and functional programming enthusiasts. Organized by a multinational committee of Scala devs, Scala.IO featured speakers from Typesafe, Google and other well-known tech companies.

In his talk, Andrew described how Gilt survives our daily, noon EST traffic spikes (illustrated above). Andrew also described his work as a contributor to Gatling, a great open-source load testing tool built on Scala and Akka that he introduced to Gilt. We now use Gatling as the foundation of our load-testing platform. (Check out the Gatling WebSocket add-on that Andrew recently created here.)

For the complete slide deck, click here.

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