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Come to NYC Tech Talks at Gilt on January 14!


Pictured: Yoni pouring the first glass of cold brew coffee from our in-house kegerator.

NYC Tech Talks is one of New York City’s top meetup groups for technologists who write and test code or work with servers, so we’re very excited to be hosting their next meetup on Tuesday, Jan. 14. Even more exciting for us is that our very own Yoni Goldberg will be the featured presenter!

A lead software engineer on our Personalization team, Yoni will describe the evolution of Gilt’s technology stack and provide a deep dive into some of the lessons we’ve learned along the way. He’ll also highlight some of the core challenges that a tech team needs to consider and address before heading down the path of building a first-class micro-services architecture.

Please join us next Tuesday for pizza, beer, and a great talk by Yoni! Learn about how we’ve transformed our infrastructure from a monolithic Ruby application into distributed, fault tolerant, scalable architecture based on hundreds of micro-services built with Scala. And find out how we’ve implemented the concepts of immutability and idempotence throughout our service layer and architecture.

To join NYC Tech Talks and to RSVP, just go here.

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