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"Interior Design for the Mobile Web" Presentation Slides Posted


Last night Gilt and the NYC CSS/UX meetup group welcomed more than 100 engineers, UX designers and other tech professionals to our NYC office for “Interior Design for the Mobile Web”–a talk by Gilt Lead Software Engineer Greg Mazurek. Greg compared designing for the mobile web to furnishing a NYC apartment: the desktop experience is like decorating a spacious loft or multimillion-dollar pad, while designing for mobile is more akin to arranging furniture in the standard-size (ie tiny) NYC pad. Greg took the audience through how we design at Gilt, then discussed Card UI (the present) and Web Components (the future).

“With Web Components, [each component] is like an item in an apartment–you design the best individual pieces that you can so that they are reusable, embeddable and shareable,” Greg explained, showing this bit of code:

imageCheck out the full presentation here.

Thanks to all of our attendees for coming!


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