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Scenes from Friday's Free Scala Course at Gilt


On Friday 2/28, nearly 60 engineers and other technologists from Squarespace, Artsy, Knewton, Goldman Sachs, Thomson Reuters and other companies joined us for a free, full-day intro-level Scala course. The above photo features Gilt Principal Software Engineer Gregor Heine giving the class the lowdown on high-level syntax, while Lead Software Engineer/teaching tag-teamer John Kenny (at left) waits his turn at the podium.

In addition to all our esteemed guests, a few members of the Gilt tech team were also in the audience. Gilt VP of Mobile/Global Engineering Yonatan Feldman (middle) took in a few modules…


… and here are Gilt QA engineers Nithya Venkateswaran and Tierra Mack:


We’re excited to tell you what our next free course will be–keep checking this space for an announcement!

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