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New Updates to Jedis Just Released

Gilt Principal Systems Engineer Jonathan Leibiusky (aka Xetorthio) is amazingly prolific when it comes to releasing useful open source projects–including Jedis, the popular, easy-to-use Redis Java client. Today Jon released Jedis 2.4.2–a new version that includes improvements to JedisCluster’s connection handling and JedisCluster multi-threading. Check it out!

(In related: Jon is also the co-author (with Chanwit Kaewkasi) of Gedis, a Redis client for Groovy.)

Gilt 340 Gilt Tech 287 Gilt Groupe 282 Jonathan Leibiusky 12 open source 66 Redis 3 Jedis 3 Java 12 Java clients 3 Jedis 2.4.2 2 Groovy 1 Chanwit Kaewkasi 1 Gedis 1