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A Special Guest (and Familiar Face!) Visits With Gilt's Women Technologists

Earlier this week Gilt’s women technologists had a sit-down with Shan-Lyn Ma, co-founder and CEO of the new wedding registry company Formerly of Gilt–as a product manager and then general manager, she helped launch several Gilt products, including our iPhone and iPad apps–Shan met with Gilt’s women technologists for some cupcakes, fancy bubblies, and an inspiring conversation about her experiences as an entrepreneur.

Gilt’s tech women had so many questions for Shan that at times it felt like a rapid-fire round! Many of us were curious about how she manages challenges in her current role compared to when she was at Gilt. And some of us asked for her secret to successfully driving new ideas forward in a male-dominated industry like tech. Her response: persuade, persuade, and persuade some more, without giving up–and make your points data-based. Zola co-founder and CTO Felix Lung (another Gilt alum), who came along with Shan, listened to the discussion. Thanks to both Zola leaders for their candor and insightful comments!

Informal discussions with powerful tech women are just a few of the events organized by our informal Gilt tech women’s group, founded almost two years ago. We sure know how to beat the Monday afternoon blues, don’t we?

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