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Going the Extra Mile (More than 200 Extra Miles, Actually ....)


Check out Ryan Caloras, one of the Gilt Personalization Team’s dedicated software engineers (and a former Boston resident), manning our swag station at last week’s Boston Area Scala Enthusiasts meetup! Ryan’s team mate, Lead Software Engineer (and fellow ex-Bostonian) Yoni Goldberg, was the night’s featured speaker, and educated the crowd of 80-100 attendees about Gilt’s shift from a monolithic Rails app to a distributed micro-services architecture written in Scala. By the end of the night, almost all of our swag was gone.

Thanks to BASE and everyone who came out for a memorable night!

Gilt 340 Gilt Tech 287 Yoni Goldberg 14 Ryan Caloras 7 swag 3 Scala 79 BASE 6 Boston Area Scala Enthusiasts 2 micro-services 22 presentations 42 microservices 19