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"Java 8 vs. Scala" and More at the Dublin Scala Users Group


The Gilt engineering team in Dublin hosts the next Dublin Scala Users Group meetup this coming Wednesday (April 30) at Engine Yard’s offices! This installment of the Dublin SUG–an earlier gathering of which you see above (that’s Principal Software Engineer Gregor Heine giving the lowdown on Scala self-types)–features talks by Gilt and Workday as well as beer, pizza, and lots of awesome engineers.

More on those talks:

  • Gilt Software Engineer Chavdar Chernashki on “Java 8 vs. Scala.” According to Scala creator Martin Odersky, “Java 8 represents one of the most significant changes to the language in its history, with new constructs that will change the traditional ways Java developers have approached solving problems.” In this talk, Chavdar will examine how the new concepts incorporated in Java 8–already available in Scala–could profoundly change the way we write software. He’ll discuss Java 8’s new features, using both Java’s proposed syntax and Scala. He’ll cover lambda expressions, higher-order functions, parallel collections and virtual extension methods (aka traits). Finally, he’ll provide insight into the new paradigms integrated in Java 8, such as functional programming.
  • “Using Akka to Manage an Elastic Grid,” a presentation by Workday.
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