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The Gilt Team in Dublin Launches 5@4

Among the Gilt tech team’s most honored traditions is the 5@4: a team-wide gathering, held every other Friday at 4 PM EST, featuring five short (usually) presentations by Gilt technologists. Begun in 2011, 5@4 gives us opportunities to share our knowledge about everything from journaling in PostgreSQL to demystifying concurrent programming in Scala 2.10 with Akka. We reserve the last talk of the hour for a non-tech topic (kite-surfing, Canadian comedy, New Zealand and flags have been a few recent ones), and always serve pizza and a selection of craft beers.

Because of the five-hour time difference between NYC and Ireland, our team in Dublin hasn’t been able to consistently enjoy the fun and merriment of our NYC office’s 5@4s. While our colleagues on the West Coast get the “5@1” experience by joining in via video conferencing, the Dublin team has no working-hours option. So recently they took matters into their own hands (it’s the Gilt way) and launched their own 5@4!

Here were the talks from last week’s 5@4-Dublin:

  • Some lessons learned from recent service outages
  • Writing a Chrome extension
  • Quality NGram extraction for SEO
  • bcrypt encryption for passwords
  • non-tech talk about the Dublin Marathon

We’re super-excited to have 5@4s on both shores of the Atlantic!

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