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Learn About Web-Scale PostgreSQL: Monday at Gilt


We’re excited to have our friends at the New York City PostgreSQL User Group return to Gilt for another great meetup. On Monday, August 11, NYC PUG co-organizers Jonathan S. Katz and Jim Mlodgenski will present “Web-Scale PostgreSQL: The New JSONB Data Type and the Relational World,” a look at the new features surrounding JSONB and how web-scale PostgreSQL is. More info:

With the upcoming 9.4 release, PostgreSQL is introducing the “JSONB” data type, which allows for fast, compressed, storage of JSON-formatted data and for quick retrieval. And JSONB comes with all the benefits of PostgreSQL, like its data durability, MVCC, and, of course, access to all the other data types and features in PostgreSQL.

Doors open at 6:30 PM; RSVP here!

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