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"The Immutable Stack"--David Nolen Speaks at Gilt


The #gilttech team is super-excited to welcome David Nolen to 2 Park on August 27! David is one of ClojureScript’s main contributors, a developer at Cognitect, one of the developers behind the Brooklyn-based workshop Kitchen Table Coders, a musician, and a frequent speaker at conferences nationwide (he’ll be at GOTO Copenhagen and GOTO Aarhus). His topic for the night will be “The Immutable Stack”:

In the Clojure world, we have been quietly building an immutable stack. Immutablity not only eliminates incidentical complexity from client and server code, it also greatly simplifies reasoning about distributed state and thus coordination between the client and server. We’ll examine the various components of the immutable stack and see how these components can be adapted or constructed for other language runtimes.

You definitely want to attend this meetup! Go here to RSVP.

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