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New Gilt Hires Get a Crash Course in Scala


Here’s Gilt Principal Software Engineer/Crafter O'Beers/Seasoned Instructor Gregor Heine leading one of his world-famous Scala trainings for our newer hires. (First Scala training in our schmancy new office!) Joining him as co-pilot for the first time is Gilt Senior Software Engineer Gary Coady, an expert in his own right. This class was Gilt-only, but we’re working on future installments for the public. Check back here for announcements!

Gilt 340 Gilt Groupe 282 Gilt Tech 287 gilttech 332 Gregor Heine 11 Gary Coady 2 Nick Rogers 3 Natalia Bartol 3 Felix Garcia Borrego 3 Pawel Raszewski 5 Kevin Grant 1 Scala 79 training 6 culture 36 people 40 tech ed 4