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Slideshows and Photos from Last Night's Dublin Scala UG at Gilt!


The first meetup at Gilt’s new office of the Dublin Scala Users Group  featured two great talks, a lively crowd of engineers, and our brand-new, brightly colored ComfyChairs (not trademarked)! For all of you who couldn’t make it, here are the slides from Citi Lead Mobile Architect Aman Kohli and Citi Software Engineer Kevin Yu Wei Xia’s talk, “Happy Performance Testing–DSLing Your System with Gatling”:

And here’s Gilt Senior Software Val Dumitrescu leading our audience into the CAVE:


CAVE is Gilt’s open-source, managed service for monitoring infrastructure, platform, and application metrics that provide visibility into your system’s performance and operational levels. Check out Val and Pawel Raszewski’s slides are here:

We were super-excited to be hosting a meetup in our own space for the very first time in Dublin! Stay tuned for the next installment. And if you’ve got a Scala talk to propose, please email your idea to lapple at gilt dot com!

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