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Two of Europe's Top Node.js Experts Visit Gilt!


Yesterday the #gilttech team in NYC hosted two very special guests: nearForm co-founders Cian Ó Maidín (CEO, pictured above) and Richard Rodger (CTO), who spent more than an hour sharing with us their vast knowledge of using Node.js with micro-services. Based in Waterford, Ireland, Cian and Richard founded nearForm in 2011 largely because they were super-excited about Node.js. That passion has paid off for them in many ways (do what you love, right?).

In addition to running the largest Node consultancy in Europe, Cian and Richard write books on Node.js, provide Node training, and run the blog Node Crunch (Richard’s recent article, “Deployment: You’re Doing It Wrong,” cites our own Michael Bryzek’s DockerCon talk on “Immutable Infrastructure with Docker and EC2”–thanks, Richard!). Cian is a cofounder and curator of, Europe’s largest Node conference (and attended by our own team this year). And Richard created, a search engine for Node.js modules. Thanks to both of them for spending time with us!

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