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New in Gilt Open Source: A Performance Timing Google Chrome Extension

At Gilt, we are obsessed with our site’s performance. We use a variety of tools and design patterns to make sure our user experience is as fast as possible. In addition, our Web Performance team–Senior Software Engineer Eric Shepherd and me (Gregory Mazurek, Lead Software Engineer)–is committed to creating internal tools that can help our engineers, designers, and product people create great experiences for our users.

Today we launched an open-source Google Chrome Extension to help everyone see a site’s performance in a non-invasive and clear way. It’s called Web Performance API Timing and is available for download for free. In addition, the code that drives the extension is available on my GitHub page.

The extension takes advantage of the browser’s native Performance Timing API to show the event’s respective time and the percentage of the total load time. When you hover over each event, you will see how this timing was calculated.

We hope it’s a useful tool for you as you become more and more obsessed with your website’s or someone else site’s performance. Please let us know what you think!



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