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New in Gilt Tech Open Source: Android-ProGuard-Snippets

Gilt Senior Software Engineer Kevin Schultz has just released android-proguard-snippets: Sample ProGuard configurations for common Android libraries. If you’re not familiar, ProGuard is a way to obfuscate and shrink code in an Android app by eliminating unused classes. Its configuration rules explicitly mark which code should be kept unchanged.

“ProGuard is prone to breaking your app by accidentally removing code that is actually used,” Kevin says, “and it’s tough to write ProGuard rules–there’s a lot of trial and error required.” The goal of android-proguard-snippets is to collect working ProGuard configurations for popular libraries and save community the hassle of that trial-and-error process. 

If you’d like to contribute to this project and help Gilt in supporting the OS community, please suggest new rules for new libraries, fixes for current libraries, and bug reports.

Follow Kevin on Twitter here.

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