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Jul 22

Designing a Responsive Navigation


As part of our efforts to make the entire Gilt website responsive, the first major component our team decided to focus on was navigation.’s existing navigation was already starting to feel overcrowded with user account links, so we knew that we wanted to minimize the number of elements, reduce its height as much as possible and bring more content above the fold. We also wanted to do a better job of letting users know when they are eligible for discounts or offers. Below you can see what changes we made, as well as what the responsive states look like.


Overall, we’ve managed to save 33px of space, align with our mobile app’s look and feel, and highlight what’s truly important to our customers—discounts!

If you have any feedback regarding the navigation or anything else Gilt product/UX-related, drop us a line at!


Jul 21

Gilt Product Management and User Experience Guiding Principles


Gilt’s product and user experience team has identified five unique characteristics as the qualities that will define the Gilt experience wherever it’s consumed. We’re sharing them with you because our team intends to abide by these principles in understanding, ideating, creating, and coding the best customer experiences on all of our channels.

 At Gilt, the product and user experience is:

  1. Customer-Guided. In everything we do, we must understand and connect with our customer to identify their needs and feelings. We will champion the user and be their voice in merging Product, Design and Business needs. We will always have a customer-driven purpose, strive to delight customers, and show measurable results with data.

  2. Simple. Everything about the Gilt experience should have a purpose. The experiences we create should be easy to use, intuitive to learn, and simple to find and adopt. We will use clear language; enable users to complete tasks quickly and easily without obstacles or distractions, and present a decluttered experience.

  3. Honest. We will earn and retain customer trust by providing clear and transparent explanations for why we create and design Gilt as we do. We will advocate on behalf of the consumer while driving our business forward. Gilt will be honest in communicating our goals and objectives. We will never over-promise or under-deliver.

  4. Consistent. Regardless of device, entry path, or time of visit, the Gilt experience will be coherent and reliable. We will recreate the Gilt experience using familiar structures, patterns, and metaphors.

  5. Delightful. Strive to delight customers by exceeding expectations and doing things in pleasantly-unexpected ways. Always look to innovate above-and-beyond the norms of our industry, to push ideas beyond function and into the realm of experience.

We want to hear from you! Send your feedback to

Watch Last Week’s Metis: Data Science Meetup (Video)

Here are Gilt’s Igor Elbert (Principal Data Scientist), Etsy’s Nell Thomas (Director of the Data Analyst Team), and New York Times Graphics Editor Kevin Quealy discussing their personal “data science passion projects and accomplishments” at the first-ever meetup of Metis: Data Science. Watch and learn more about Igor’s ideas of “the user interface of the future”!

Jul 18

"Connection: Where Emotions Drive KPIs"—a Talk by Gilt CIO Steve Jacobs


How does Gilt create connections with our millions of customers around the world? What is the difference between “personalization at Gilt” and “Gilt personae”? Who is “the Gilt customer,” and how does the Gilt team identify him and her? And how has Gilt used A/B testing to better serve our customers? Gilt CIO Steve Jacobs will address these and many other questions as the featured speaker of the NJ Tech Meetup's July 22 event!

As the C-level exec responsible for overseeing Gilt’s technology and product execution and strategy, Steve knows more about our technology infrastructure and day-to-day operations than almost anyone else at the company. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about the philosophy and thought processes behind Gilt’s great product features and offers, you don’t want to miss this talk!

With +3700 members, the NJ Tech Meetup is one of the largest and most active tech meetup groups in the NYC metro area. Tuesday’s event takes place at the Babbio Center at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ and starts at 6:45 PM; just go here to RSVP. Hope to see you there!

Jul 16

Josh Suereth at Gilt

Here’s Typesafe Senior Software Engineer/Scala In Depth author Josh Suereth earlier this week at Gilt’s NYC office, teaching his sbt workshop. Josh spent more than two hours covering settings, configurations, dependency management, and other topics. More than 50 non-Gilt technologists from the metro NYC area joined members of our engineering team for dinner and the class.

If you’re curious about sbt but couldn’t attend the workshop, check out Josh’s presentation from the 2014 Northeast Scala Symposium:

Jul 15

Learn About Jedis and Redis From Gilt’s Jonathan Leibiusky

In addition to being Principal Systems Engineer at Gilt, Jonathan Leibiusky is also the creator of Jedis: the open-source, super-popular Redis Java client. Next Monday (July 21) Jon will present a talk on Jedis and Redis at the NYC Java Meetup Group’s July meetup, hosted at our NYC office. Jonathan will explain what Redis is, show the many different available data structures for Redis, and demonstrate how to use them from Jedis. He will also explain how to can build a Redis cluster (which is how Redis scales) and explain some of the recent updates he’s made to the Jedis project.

This will be a great tech talk! To RSVP, just go here.

Photo by Nancy Borowick

Gilt Featured at Tonight’s Metis: Data Science Meetup


Tonight marks the debut of Metis: Data Science, a brand-new meetup group for aspiring and practicing data scientists in NYC, and #gilttech is excited to be a part of it! Gilt Principal Data Scientist Igor Elbert will join Nell Thomas, Director of the Data Analyst Team at Etsy, and New York Times Graphics Editor Kevin Quealy in discussing their personal “data science passion projects and accomplishments.” Titled “Unleashing Data Science: Speakers, Food and Drinks,” the meetup takes place at Metis New York (79 Madison Ave. 3rd Floor) and begins at 6 PM; to RSVP, just go here!

Jul 14

Gilt to Host “MIT: Under the Dome,” an Interactive Discussion with W. Eric L. Grimson PhD!


#gilttech is excited and honored to host a talk by W. Eric L. Grimson PhD, the Chancellor for Academic Advancement at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology! On Thursday, July 17, we will present “MIT: Under the Dome,” an interactive discussion with Chancellor Grimson that will include a brief history of MIT and the breadth of the Institute’s impact around the world. Chancellor Grimson will also address MIT’s intention to liberate human potential for innovation, on campus and worldwide.

In addition to being an MIT faculty member since 1984 and a past chancellor (2011-2013), Chancellor Grimson has also served as Head of MIT’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (2005-2011) and is a member of the school’s Computer Vision Group (Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory), among other distinctions. He championed MITx and the formation of the Office of Digital Learning; teaches 6.00x, one of the first MITx courses, to more than 200,000 registrants; and has served as thesis supervisor to approximately 50 MIT PhDs.

Whether you’re a software engineer, a computer science student or just curious about the latest innovations underway at one of the world’s most elite academic institutions, this event will be a don’t-miss! Gilt’s NYC office will host the event; doors open at 6:30 PM. To RSVP, just go here.

Photo by Dominick Reuter, 2011

Jul 11

Learn About Scala+Android+Bluetooth Low Energy with the Dublin SUG!

#gilttech’s excited to announce that Roland Tritsch will be the featured speaker at the next Dublin Scala Users Group meetup! Roland, who is Director of Business & Application Services at Fujitsu UK and Ireland, will present “Scala, Android & Bluetooth Low Energy: How to Make It All Work Together?" He’ll show us how to build Scala apps for Android and will then introduce the Scaloid framework as a way to do Scala development “the Scala way” on Android. As part of the presentation, we will build a simple BLE scanner (looking for beacons).

Roland has more than 25 years of experience building, running and fixing software engineering organisations and large distributed systems. His background includes positions at IONA Technologies, Gilt and HP. He likes computers, software and cycling, and these days is most interested in finding ways to make the “Internet of Things” work.

Roland’s an excellent speaker and teacher—we have first-hand knowledge of this!—so this will be a don’t-miss. Go here to RSVP!

Jul 10

A Great Turnout at Last Night’s Docker Dublin Meetup with Gilt!

More than 90 Dublin technologists came out to Docker Dublin’s inaugural meetup, co-organized by Gilt! Here’s Docker Dublin founder/organizer John Zanchetta kicking off the event:


And here’s Gilt Co-Founder and CTO Michael Bryzek, the main presenter of the night, describing how our engineering team has been using Docker and AWS to deliver immutable software releases to production:


The Docker Dublin group has tons of potential, and we’re very excited to be working with John to help the group expand. If you’d like to give a talk at an upcoming meetup, please send an email (include your suggested topic) via the DD meetup page. Then follow the group’s Twitter account to receive news and updates!