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An update on Gilt’s iOS open-source awesomeness

Evan Maloney mobile

Gilt’s Mockingbird open-source project for iOS was recently recognized by the popular Awesome iOS page, which maintains “a curated list of awesome iOS frameworks, libraries, tutorials, plugins Xcode, components and much more.”

The MBNetworkMonitor and MBNetworkIndicator classes from the Mockingbird Toolbox project can now be found under Awesome iOS’s section on Networking code.

(We’ve written about the MBNetworkIndicator class here on the Gilt Tech blog in the past.)

In other news, a little birdie recently told us that three of the Mockingbird repositories are already among the most popular Cocoapods — and one of those hasn’t even been publicly announced yet!

Four Mockingbird repos are currently available for public use under the MIT license on GitHub. Two of these repos are post-1.0 and are fully documented:

Two more repos contain pre-release versions and are awaiting full documentation:

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