Over the next few months, Gilt will be exposing its data model via a new suite of public APIs. We’re excited to make our data available to a broader audience of hackers, and we can’t wait to see what people do with it.

Our first API is a set of Atom Pub feeds, which let you see our active and upcoming sales, either en masse, or store by store.

For example, https://api.gilt.com/v1/sales/active.atom shows all the active sales on gilt.com, or you can hit https://api.gilt.com/v1/sales/upcoming.atom to see what sales are coming soon.

You can see just the active or upcoming sales for some of our stores as well, for example:

All our available feeds can be concisely written using a regex:


We’ll be rolling out more details soon; this is our first toe in the water.


- Gilt API Team