Gilt Insider, our customer loyalty program, just turned one year old, and to celebrate we’re sharing presents!

Today all Insider benefits are half-off—meaning 2x the payback for your hard-earned points. This works for dollars off any order, free shipping, or even products in our curated rewards shops.


As a refresher: Insider members earn five points for every dollar spent on Gilt. These points can be redeemed either as cash, or for a rotating array of products, deals, and gift cards for our favorite brands.

Not a member yet? Join Now! Old news? Well look for some exciting, free new benefits to come your way this fall!

And in the meantime, cash in…

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Earlier this summer Gilt Senior Software Engineer Giancarlo Silvestrin was a featured presenter during Typesafe’s Play Day—a whole day of technical talks focused on Play Framework. Giancarlo talked about how we implement Play across our hundreds of small applications and microservices. Check out Giancarlo’s presentation above!

Did you know you can now use the Gilt iPhone and iPad apps to shop Gilt by product category?! Tap on the search bar to reveal the “Shop by Category” feature and search for “shoes,” “dresses,” “sofas,” or any other type of item you’re looking for, more quickly and easily. And never miss a deal!


To use Shop by Category on your iPad, tap on the “Shop By Category” bar that sits right underneath our store selector to reveal a visual list of categories that you can shop from:


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image #gilttech gives a hellaciously hot welcome to software engineer Nick Rogers, who joins Team Fire—the Dublin-based Gilt engineering team that’s currently focusing on SEO/SEM. Before joining Gilt, Nick spent five years working for a UX design and Development company, specializing in JavaScript applications and front-end development. “I do love working with JavaScript,” he says. “The whole front-end space has moved at a frantic pace over the last couple of years, and it’s been nice riding that wave!”

In his off hours Nick enjoys reading, music, football (fussball could well be a new love), Qi Gong, and spending time with his family. Welcome aboard, Nick!

Gilt’s iPhone and iPad apps now allow our customers to quickly re-apply the size filters they have previously used. To filter a sale by your sizes, simply tap on the “Refine by Your Sizes” button. If you haven’t previously filtered by size on our apps, use the “Refine” feature to do so and the next time you visit a sale you’ll be able to use this quick shortcut.


In developing this feature, we’ve aimed to make shopping on Gilt even simpler and more delightful than ever. Let us know what you think by emailing our mobile team at!


Gilt is ecstatic to welcome Felix Garcia Borrego to the #gilttech engineering team in Dublin! Felix (to clarify, that’s him on the left) will join our Real Time Team and help us to take our real time event system to the next level using Amazon Kinesis and other cloud technologies.

Originally from Seville, Spain, Felix worked at his own start-up for about eight years, building both mobile apps and web apps. Recently he decided to move abroad and look for new adventures, and found his way to Gilt!

Like many on our team, Felix got his start in computer programming (and Lego) at a very early age. He’s just realized that Scala is a better language than Lego or Java for building reactive systems. “Programming is my hobby too, but I also enjoy practicing sports, traveling and reading science fiction novels,” he says. Welcome, Felix!


As part of our efforts to make the entire Gilt website responsive, the first major component our team decided to focus on was navigation.’s existing navigation was already starting to feel overcrowded with user account links, so we knew that we wanted to minimize the number of elements, reduce its height as much as possible and bring more content above the fold. We also wanted to do a better job of letting users know when they are eligible for discounts or offers. Below you can see what changes we made, as well as what the responsive states look like.


Overall, we’ve managed to save 33px of space, align with our mobile app’s look and feel, and highlight what’s truly important to our customers—discounts!

If you have any feedback regarding the navigation or anything else Gilt product/UX-related, drop us a line at!



Gilt’s product and user experience team has identified five unique characteristics as the qualities that will define the Gilt experience wherever it’s consumed. We’re sharing them with you because our team intends to abide by these principles in understanding, ideating, creating, and coding the best customer experiences on all of our channels.

 At Gilt, the product and user experience is:

  1. Customer-Guided. In everything we do, we must understand and connect with our customer to identify their needs and feelings. We will champion the user and be their voice in merging Product, Design and Business needs. We will always have a customer-driven purpose, strive to delight customers, and show measurable results with data.

  2. Simple. Everything about the Gilt experience should have a purpose. The experiences we create should be easy to use, intuitive to learn, and simple to find and adopt. We will use clear language; enable users to complete tasks quickly and easily without obstacles or distractions, and present a decluttered experience.

  3. Honest. We will earn and retain customer trust by providing clear and transparent explanations for why we create and design Gilt as we do. We will advocate on behalf of the consumer while driving our business forward. Gilt will be honest in communicating our goals and objectives. We will never over-promise or under-deliver.

  4. Consistent. Regardless of device, entry path, or time of visit, the Gilt experience will be coherent and reliable. We will recreate the Gilt experience using familiar structures, patterns, and metaphors.

  5. Delightful. Strive to delight customers by exceeding expectations and doing things in pleasantly-unexpected ways. Always look to innovate above-and-beyond the norms of our industry, to push ideas beyond function and into the realm of experience.

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Here are Gilt’s Igor Elbert (Principal Data Scientist), Etsy’s Nell Thomas (Director of the Data Analyst Team), and New York Times Graphics Editor Kevin Quealy discussing their personal “data science passion projects and accomplishments” at the first-ever meetup of Metis: Data Science. Watch and learn more about Igor’s ideas of “the user interface of the future”!


How does Gilt create connections with our millions of customers around the world? What is the difference between “personalization at Gilt” and “Gilt personae”? Who is “the Gilt customer,” and how does the Gilt team identify him and her? And how has Gilt used A/B testing to better serve our customers? Gilt CIO Steve Jacobs will address these and many other questions as the featured speaker of the NJ Tech Meetup's July 22 event!

As the C-level exec responsible for overseeing Gilt’s technology and product execution and strategy, Steve knows more about our technology infrastructure and day-to-day operations than almost anyone else at the company. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about the philosophy and thought processes behind Gilt’s great product features and offers, you don’t want to miss this talk!

With +3700 members, the NJ Tech Meetup is one of the largest and most active tech meetup groups in the NYC metro area. Tuesday’s event takes place at the Babbio Center at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ and starts at 6:45 PM; just go here to RSVP. Hope to see you there!